Green Energy & Our Future

The go green project aimed to increase the number of workplaces in the building, but also to provide the building with an image, a strong identity.

The right orientation of the extension hence became primordial.

We set it on a North-South axis which enables a better control of solar gains, but also a better implementation on site, by forming an obtuse angle between the two buildings and a point of convergence at the entrance of the site.

Green Energy
The client didn’t want just an energy refurbishment.

The client wanted a sustainable and environment-friendly building in the broad sense.

Therefore we had multiple goals to achieve.

First, the choice of materials to implement drove us to lead a very detailed life cycle analysis.

From insulation materials to indoor paints.

Second, we evidently took great attention to the thermal envelope of the building and its air tightness.

We also brought heating and ventilation systems in, that are as energy efficient as possible.

The greatest challenge was to keep the research center open during the whole operation.

It had to be quick and cause the least nuisance possible for the users.

That’s why we chose to built with a wooden frame and an injected cellulose wadding insulation.

With wooden frames comes a delicate management of overheating.

This wooden ribbon, meandering along the facade, primarily responds to that issue.

by controlling solar gains.

We also placed colored solar protections on the southern facade of the existing building.

One of the specific cities of the research center is the use of multiple very powerful extractor hoods to extract solvent fumes.

In concentration with the engineers of Arcadia, we studied a heat recovery system operating on the extractor hoods.

In line with the approach of this project, we wanted to bring awareness to the users and provide the building with a didactic dimension.

Whether by showing the way the building was built or by displaying the energy consumption and productions.

After a year in use, we receive a very positive daily feedback from the users.

They are very happy to live and work in this new space with very luminous and very colorful offices and living spaces where they can share moments in a truly pleasant place.

The daily feedback is very positive but so is another feedback, one of our primary objectives, the feedback from our clients and visitors.

And clearly, today, the building has its own identity and there is a clear relation between our building and our activities.

That’s what we wanted: Mission accomplished!.

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